This is the general pattern. A cheap pun that should resonate with all the generalists, synthesisers, the odd surviving geographer etc.

I want this to be a place of fun, of reflection, a place to reminisce, to fantasise and rewrite history in our image, to ponder without being ponderous. To speculate on life’s big questions; to choose which answers we like. To contribute. A place of serious fun.

Here’s to thinking before you speak but also speaking before you think. Sometimes even thinking before you think:
Don’t wanna learn from anybody what I gotta unlearn

(Dylan, Do Right To Me Baby, 1979).

Come here if you like cities, nature, books films and music, food, ideas, sport, history, and combinations of the above. (If you don’t like these things, you are the only corpse with a laptop.)

I will try and bring you essays, reviews, snippets, ideas, recipes and even donate some project ideas to budding entrepreneurs.

I want your collaboration. I dig your stuff. So please respond, debate, add, subtract, help me form a BOD(y)MAS.

I will be posting again shortly to explain the structure I have planned for the general pattern. Until then, adieu!


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6 responses to “Welcome!

  • Kenny MacFaber

    Three points: 1.Cricket is irrelevant (just ask the nations of the Carribean)…2.Graeme Richardson and George Pell – the most evil men currently residing in NSW – should put in a joint application for the vacant position of pope (pays well I hear)…3. Why are there no greyhound or trotting tracks south of Nowra?

    • peterwarrington65

      Kenny Kenny Kenny. On 1, you could ask CLR James when you finally meet him. I prefer to wait patiently for the next wave, we had the great 30s team, the Worrell team, then the cult of Sobers, the mid-70 explosion, and now a long, slow decline. There are signs, however, that things are on the up. They have some gun quicks. A captain who leads. Just need to get test-tough. I’d send some of them to county and shield for a season, rather than an endless gigglathon. 2. I won’t pass judgement on these guys – the former did great work for the environment, as cynical as it gets but the runs are on the board. Pell was a promising ruck for the Tigers in the early 60s. He can’t be all bad. Others feel free to slander and defame… on your own blogs. As for Pope, maybe they should merge it with the Canterbury gig, in the name of efficiencies etc? Or give it to Mourinho, he would never lose at home. On 3, you are a big tease. That question, and many others, will be answered in future posts. The pattern bit of the general pattern.

      Until we meet again, in solidarity we remain.

      Heroes of the East Hills Line, unite!

  • Kenny MacFaber

    Wrong Train, Wrong Train, Wrong Train…. Re 1. it’s not about the quality of the Australian team, its about gen x’ers and gen z’ers not wanting a bar of the traditional game and being raised on hit and giggle. The cricket that we used to know is dead …RIP! Re 2. Did I read correctly…Pell was a promising f_ck? That’s where the denials all began hey? In the Punt Rd showers. I now get it. Perfect credentials for being the next pope though. Re 3. I look forward to it with bad bated breath.

  • Peter Warrington

    Kenneth. At 1 I was talking of the Windies. They will return, I know you plan to live till 100 and I am willing to bet you will see it. I’m not touching 2 with a bargepole, except to say “for whom the pell tolls”. At 3, I was going to make some bad pun about Batemans Bay, but didn’t.

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Kenny MacFaber

    Young Jamiacans, Trinidadians, Tobogans etc etc are going to college in the US on basketball, football, baseball, athletics, reggae and bobsledding scholarships…anything but cricket scholarships. I wont make 100 (will be lucky to make half that if Mrs MacFaber has anything to do with it), but when you do, you’ll have to go to the streets of Calcutta and Mumbai to see it played.
    By the way, noticed there is a horse running around in WA called Tiger Pete: http://www.racenet.com.au/horse/Tiger-Pete. Looks like it can run a bit.

  • Peter Warrington

    clearly no relation of mine. the grandfather was swift on the wing for the Mighty Blacks of Port Kembla, and my sister was nippy when young, but it’s only the Warrington tongues that move quickly these days.

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