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Mine is a mind that roams a bit. Collects fragments of argument and evidence and then mangles it into a pseudo intellectual pop riff roller coaster, sort of like cooking risotto on a hotplate in your brain. Whilst watching the footie. And listening to a CD. While eating. And talking on the phone. It can be done, but it’s hard work. Especially for the person on the other end of the phone.

But some of you like your food straight, meat or tofu and 3 veg type of fare. You order, you get, you eat, you pay.

With the help of the good folk at wordpress, I will be able to respond to your needs as an audience by instituting, wait for it, STRUCTURE INTO MY BLOG!

On the general pattern menu bar, found on the right, you will see a number of categories. These are effectively sub-directories. You simply scan the categories you want, for posts and comments. So those allergic to sport never have to come into contact with its nuts; conversely, the pitter patter of geographers trying to discern a pattern is yours for the taking, or not.

You, the reader, are in control. See how far we have come as a species?

A quick word on each of the categories on the menu:

  • General – I will use this for administrative posts. and the Welcome.
  • Pattern – this will be for posts that explore the soft edge of geography, why things are the way they are etc – such as Kenny MacFaber’s great query today about the absence of trot tracks on the NSW South Coast.
  • ellipsis – feature type posts, essays, something to make you think…
  • out of the past – like the Mitchum movie, this will be smooth and noir, but content will be historical and mostly sport related.
  • maps and legends – not sure. love the REM song. love the title. should have been my blog title.
  • extra thyme – very excited about this. Recipes and advice on cooking stuff while you watch the footy. And the Ashes in England this year. Hopefully a cookbook comes from it. Peter’s 3-hour meals etc etc.
  • urban improvement program – some observations on cities, especially Sydney.
  • mug shot – photos from this amateur. everyone’s a photographer…
  • -verse – could be inverse converse perverse obverse adverse reverse, but it’s just some poems and kids’ books and things, often based on nursery rhymes, which you might like, especially if you have kids (of all ages).
  • crowdfun – this will be like an ideas trash and treasure, all the dodgy or brilliant ideas from my notebooks and piles of “lifeplans” that I know I will never get to implement. They are yours for the taking. Or use the page to reshape them into workable ideas that we could have a crack at. Therapy for me, op shopping for you. Everyone’s a winner.
  • leverage – links to other sites, youtube clips such as the Lene Lovich already posted, and the odd movie, book or music review.

Now, clearly, I would be remiss if some of my posts didn’t demand recognition in a couple of categories. Stick with it, I’ll try and get some logic into it, and also serve up something for everyone fairly regularly. Oh, and if you came looking for anal retentiveness, you need your eyes checked.

Here’s the REM song as a reward for those who made it this far. Thanks for coming!


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10 responses to “Post – structure

  • James

    R.E.M. I went off them for a while. Now, I’m back into them. It’s odd how that can happen

    • peterwarrington65

      James, I know what you mean. I think I expended a life’s love of them in about 5 years, excruciatingly so around 91, I can visualise me in the freezing cold and dark on a small road in Orkney, belting out So Central Rain so hard and heartfelt that the tears were almost freezing on my face. And I played it about 10 times in a row until I had nothing else to give. So I sat and watched the faint glow of oil rigs and probably Aberdeen in the distance.

      Then we saw them in 95 and, to be frank, the old stuff was brilliant and the new stuff stank. So they got moved back a bit in the CD collection. But Ipods are the invention of angels, I now have a playlist, and sometimes I play it. and list.

  • Jack Hawks

    The best meals take longer than 3 hours for mine, though the major portion of that time can be spent doing nowt but watching footy.

    • peterwarrington65

      the idea will be to pick recipes that reflect the ebb and flow of footy, the opportunities that quarter and 3/4 and half time bring to stir, season etc. (ooh, season, a pun I missed.)

      As for the Ashes, my ideal would be to have a bakery in the kitchen, yeast smells wafting around a Watson scores 1000 runs in May, hot bread for the family when they wake and I collapse into bed. definitely a great opportunity for jams and sauces.

  • Jack Hawks

    My spag bog perfect then

  • peterwarrington65

    I think you mean “bol”. But who am I to judge?

  • Jack Hawks

    Not the way I make it.

  • Jack Hawks

    500g pork mince
    500g veal mince
    A little proscuito
    1 large onion
    Lotsa sliced paper thin garlic
    2 cups of wine (a nice red or white depending)
    400g whole tomatoes
    100g tomato paste
    Chicken stock
    Bunch of oregano
    Small bunch of basil
    Bunch of parsley
    Salt and pepper
    Shaved parmesan

    Gently fry finely diced onion and garlic together for a few minutes, together with a small amount of finely chopped parsley and sliced proscuito

    Add pork and veal, chop together and brown at medium heat

    Add wine and boil through the meat until well cooked through

    Add tomatoes and chop into mix, then stir in tomato paste and a little chicken stock

    Bring to boil, then reduce heat to slow simmer

    Add finely chopped herbs: oregano, basil, and rest of parsely

    Salt and pepper to taste

    Simmer gently for 3 and a half hours, stirring occassionally, and adding more chicken stock if sauce becomes a little dry

    Add shaved parmesan, stir and gently simmer for 30 minutes

    Add two tablespoons of sauce to the boiled pasta and stir, then plate your pasta and serve the sauce over it, and top with more shaved parmesan

    Sit in front of tv, eat and continue to watch footy. This will not completely compensate for your team’s poor showing, but it will help somewhat


    • Peter Warrington

      sounds fantastic. definitely one for the Ashes this year. looks like about 4 hours all in? in that context, what about cooling and storage? need to set an alarm so as to not boil the pan dry, too, I guess.

  • Jack Hawks

    4 hours all in, not counting prep. Cool and store in fridge for even better taste next day. Or stores just fine in freezer. Pan? Use big pot, french oven. Check ‘tween overs when boiling.

    I’m pretty proud of my recipe distilled over the years. The parmesan for the last half hour adds the umami.

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