The Grand Old Duke of Pork

Oh the Grand Old Duke of York

He had 10,000 pigs

He marched them up to the top of the hill

To feast on a field of figs

And when they were done they lay down

Those figs didn’t make it to jam

He marched them into the nearest town

And they feasted on fabulous ham


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9 responses to “The Grand Old Duke of Pork

  • Jack Hawks

    I can pick each band that influenced each song on the first Teddy Rock rekkid, but am unsure of this one… The Damned, Ten Pole Tudor, Birthday Party?

    • peterwarrington65

      mmm we don’t have Teddy Rock, more the Rockabye Baby sort of house, and Holly Throsby. But I like this. I actually get a sniff of Adam Ant when I waft it in front of my nose.

      Funny you mention Tenpole, the girls are just watching the Pirate Movie right now. Swords of a Thousand Men over the intro credits. When Rosa and I first saw the film it was in Ballina at the theatre – we were the only ones at the session so I bellowed that song. And all the others.

      • Jack Hawks

        I heartily recommend the first Teddy Rock rekkid. Zoe adores it, and is convinced she is Belle, the keyboardist (keyboard player?) and singer. Her favourite song has a definite Pixies waft…

        Love the Ballina theatre bellowing.

  • Jack Hawks

    This from a fairy tale I wrote during the time I looked after Zoe when she was one year old. A cautionary tale titled Little Monster.

    “I’m not a little monster
    I’m not! I’m not! I’m not!
    This oozing goo above my mouth
    It’s just a little snot!

    I don’t have bolts stuck in my neck
    Or scars across my face
    I’m not from deep within the earth
    And not from outer space!

    I don’t suck blood or feast on brains
    I really wouldn’t dare
    I have no fur, no fangs, bat wings,
    No crazy white-streaked hair!

    I’m not an It, a Thing, or Them!
    I’m not from Time Forgot
    I’m not a little monster
    I’m not! I’m not! I’m not!”

  • Kenny MacFaber

    The Day That Lassie Went To The Moon

    Sing-a-long with me:

    My little dog ran away the other day (yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah)

    I can’t believe my little dog Lassie ran away (yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah)

    She packed her bags and got into a hot-air balloon (yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah)

    Then my little dog Lassie, she sailed off to the moon (yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah)

    Chorus: The day – that was the day that Lassie went to the moon

    My little dog Lassie packed her bags and went out onto the porch

    Her golden fur glistened in that sunny blue backdrop sky of Kansas

    Before her stretched majestic wheat fields and over to that great city to the west

    Lassie knew she had the duty to serve the youth of America and the stars above

    Chorus: The day – that was the day that Lassie went to the moon

  • Peter Warrington

    ah, the genius of Camper Van Beethoven. Do you want to post a formal credit/date etc?

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