Welcome to extra thyme – Cranky Pete’s Onion Jam – EAT ‘EM ALIVE, TIGES!

Seasons. You add them to food. You watch them out your window. And, as a footy fan, you live or die by them.

Tonight is the night, the AFL proper kicks off, with the blockbuster of the Carlton Blues (boooo!) versus the glorious Richmond Tigers. This house is a Tiger den. We live a bit and die a lot with the Tigers. I wouldn’t swap them for the world. The least successful but most fascinating team in Melbourne – well, least successful over the last 30 years, before that we had a very successful decade and a bit, and it is one of the few benefits of relative age that I can recall most of that period with clear mind and moist eyes.

The idea behind extra thyme is that you cook while you watch the footy (and, later this year, the Ashes cricket from England). I’ll be researching recipes that are appropriate for the time of year, and that can generally be cooked around the 3-hour, multiple short break and one long break of a live AFL match (with a bit of help from the old Foxtel IQ pause/rewind button).

I envisage blogging as I cook and watch, so extra thyme could be a life history of the Tigers’ season, all of its ups and downs. There will be the odd classic for the neutrals, too, such as this weekend’s curse game between Geelong and Hawthorn.

To kick off the season, it will be Cranky Pete’s Onion Jam, which will get real sweet if the Tiges are in front but threatens to turn into a chilli monster if  the Blues jump us as they have the last few years.

Until then, a taster…



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