A couple of years back, I developed an addiction. It grabbed hold of me, relentlessly. I must have an obsessive personality, or compulsive, or both. Because once i worked out how to use the black and white function on my Blackberry’s camera, I couldn’t stop.

My name is Peter, and I am an addict. Well, WAS an addict, the Blackberry went with the job, and Iphones just don’t cut it. They have clarity, colour, and ease of composition. The ‘Berry was cumbersome, clunky and crustating. But, in the right light, or should I say dark, it took these incredibly interesting (to me) low res pictures. They were more like sketches.

So I would deliberately get off the bus in the winter and snap 50 shots in 50 seconds, as the light failed and the dark took hold. The interplay of light and dark, of reflection, of built form; 50 shades of grey.

I harboured the ambition but lacked the discipline to sift, sort and show these shots. I dreamt up a poorly-conceived installation, “Mist”, where I would somehow source life-expired mobile phones, and glue a photo on the viewfinder, sell these for $20 a pop, keep some and give a chunk to an environmental education program around recycling. My arse got bigger and the installation idea stalled.

But this blog gives me an opportunity to test the idea. Do you like the photos – a sample is enclosed? Would you give this man $20 for a used phone, with original artwork? Is the recycling value of the phone more than $20? Do you know anyone with 100 used phones? Do you like the name Mist, and should I call myself Mister Mist at the launch? Do you have a Blackberry you don’t use, because I really miss mine; I promise to only use the camera… and Brickbreaker!

It’s grants season in Marrickville, and if your feedback is positive, I might chuck something together and see how it fares. It would be mistifying :p

All photographs copyright Peter Warrington, 2013. The chick with the teeth is a photo of a photo and the original photographer would have copyright, too, and they can share in the $20 if they contact me, if the project goes ahead.

IMG00281-20110613-2322 IMG00287-20110613-2325 IMG00288-20110613-2325 IMG00291-20110613-2326 IMG00294-20110613-2329 IMG00296-20110613-2330 IMG00301-20110613-2333 IMG00303-20110613-2334 IMG00307-20110613-2335 IMG00313-20110614-0030 light mlc towerbali 2007 001 bali 2007 002 bali 2007 003 bali 2007 004 bali 2007 005 bali 2007 006 bali 2007 008 bali 2007 009 bali 2007 010 bali 2007 011 bali 2007 013 bali 2007 014 bali 2007 020 bali 2007 021 bali 2007 022 bali 2007 023 bali 2007 024 bali 2007 026 bali 2007 027 bali 2007 030 bali 2007 031 bali 2007 032 bali 2007 033 bali 2007 034 bali 2007 035 bali 2007 036 bali 2007 037 bali 2007 046 bali 2007 047 bali 2007 048 bali 2007 051 bali 2007 054 bali 2007 344 bali 2007 351 bali 2007 358 bali 2007 359 bali 2007 365 bali 2007 367 bali 2007 368 bali 2007 373 bali 2007 374 bali 2007 375 bali 2007 377 bali 2007 386 bali 2007 393 bali 2007 398


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