The boy who cried “Virgin”… confessions of a plane spotter, of the amateur variety

Sorry, glitches in the photo postings fixed. I was trying to be good and credit all the sites where I found these…

the general pattern

You can see all sorts of things in Marrickville, the happening and slightly hipster capital of Sydney’s grooving, booming, bulging Inner West. We live near Enmore Park, which has a new pool and playground, cafes on its fringes, a re-made hipster pub hang across the road, unleashed dogs, women doing boxing classes, places to park shopping trolleys, and a constant flow of kids and their parents.

Anyway, there’s this guy who goes to Enmore Park. He gets excited, and starts to point. And then he yells “Virgin, Virgin, Virgin!”, and his two young girls come running, stand next to him, point, and join in: “Virgin, Virgin, Virgin”. People stop and stare, or start dialing the Police helpline, but these three just smile and nod.

OK, those of you in the know will know that that Virgin-shouting weirdo is me. And the girls are mine. We would have just seen Virgin…

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