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Nitties gritties

Admitting my man-crush on the talented JN, he’s only 2 off the lead going into the Aussie Masters today. Has wilted or just not sealed the deal before. Maybe today is the day.

Nice piece about the non-golfing Nitties in the SMH today. Lifestyle as if life…


Little which

There was a girl. She was a which.

She had a dad. He was a what.

He would say, “Do you want to wear these?”

Eventually, she would look up and say “Which?”

He would have moved on to another thing. He’d say, “What?”

She’d say, “You mean ‘these’”.

Scratching his head, he’d say “Which?

Mum would say, “Stop that!”

He’d say “What?”

Meanwhile, the little which had dressed herself.